Puppy For August

Should We Buy August The Great a Puppy?

My wife has been on a campaign to get our 9 month old son a Puppy. I think it’s HER who want’s one of those cute little dogs that hides in purses and she’s championing August The Great as the reason. I used to play the same game on my parents growing up lol.

Well, The latest campaign came in this video she uploaded and sent me a link to watch. Watching August The Great in this Video made me give in. We just might have to look into getting a puppy for my Wife, I mean August The Great lol

Thank You, God Bless


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Seattle Sonics Are Back

Well, Almost Back.

My Wife called me to tell me the News about the Sacramento Kings being sold to Seattle today. I was working so she was excited to be able to break the news to me first since i’m always first on major news in the Family.

I got off the Phone, checked my Facebook timeline, No Word. Checked ESPN, No Word.. Then I went to NBA.com and there was a slight story brewing about the team being sold by the Maloofs to Hansen and a Seattle Group. Next thing i checked was the Roster of the current Sacramento Kings team. 2 Players stood out.. Aaron Brooks & Isaiah Thomas.. How cool would that be for two Seattle Natives to be back home for the home team.

The Sonics were the 1st Major Sports team I watched when I first moved to America from Kenya. I remember sitting at a table with my father eating Wheaties learning about Michael Jordan from our 1st American Friend. He then went on to tell me stories about The Super Sonics that we had. All of this was amazing to a 9 year old in a new Country. Later on in Life I would meet Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton in pickup games in the Central District. I remember sophomore year in High School when we played against the Bulls in the Final. Having the team back would bring back some great childhood memories and build some new ones as well. Even though I live in Phoenix and have cheered on the Suns the past few years, One thing that has remained is our mutual Dislike for the LA Lakers. 🙂

So far No major sites have confirmed that it’s all true, but after having Mixed feelings last year watching the Thunder play in the NBA Finals 4 years after being removed from Seattle i’m ready to root for a “Sonics” Team. Maybe it took us watching our old team we took for granted to go to the Big game to light a match under us to be excited again. Hopefully it all works out and Seattle gets a basketball team to cheer for again.

Thank You God Bless


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Creating A Life List

In the film, The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star as terminally ill acquaintances on a quest to complete a wish list of activities before they  “kick the bucket.” As a result of the movie, the phrase “bucket list” entered into American vocabulary to describe the things a person dreams of doing sometime during his life. In this article, I’d like to discuss instead a life-list: a personalized list of things you want to do every day in your life. This list is motivated by dreaming about the sort of person you aspire to be rather than the kinds of things you want to do.

Since a life-list is intended to include only what you see yourself doing daily, it should meet the following criteria:

1) Your life-list should consist of just a few things.
2) Your life-list should consist of only the most important things.
3) Your life-list should reflect your values.
4) Your life-list should be your life-list. In other words, it should not be based on considerations of the kind of person others expect you to be, but instead on the person you dream of becoming.

One of the tendencies in creating a life-list is to pile onto it every conceivable idea you have of good things you could do each day. But let’s face it: a long list of anything is discouraging. If you end up with 40 things, it will be intimidating just to read through them each day—and virtually impossible to do them.  Instead of lifting you, an overly long life-list becomes a burden and is quickly discarded. To keep the life-list from being overwhelming, pare it down until you have only a handful of items of extreme importance to you. It’s better to make a life-list of only two things you actually review and do each day, than to create a life-list of 40 things that ends up in the trashcan.

Why do I feel so strongly about developing a life-list? If you write down and live out a life-list, it will become your legacy. We are known by what we repeatedly do. How we spend each day, taken in total, determines the mark we make on this world.

When you are eighty years old, sitting on the porch in a rocking chair and looking back on your life, how will you feel? You won’t have to answer to anybody but yourself…not your parents or your spouse or your business associates. What did you do with this gift of living? It will be an important question to you then. Why not make it an important question now?

By – John Maxwell