Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled The World

Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled The World

The 21-Day Kindness Challenge launched on September 11th. 98 countries. 6000 people. And a collective tidal wave of good that inspired many — including young rapper-activist “Nimo” Patel at the Gandhi Ashram in India. Nimo wasted no time channeling that inspiration into an infectious music video. “Being Kind” was created on super short notice by an intercontinental crew of volunteers working out of their living rooms. It features footage from all over the world and heart-melting appearances by the children Nimo works with in the slums. Watch, listen, and prepare to smile big at this lyrical reminder that kindness really is “all we can leave behind.”

Macklemore & The Sultan Of Swag

Life is something else..

Everyday I’m able to see how Amazing God is in blessing us all. We are all blessed everyday that we breathe and some of us are blessed to find out what we were put on this earth for at an early age.

You know that you’re getting old when you get on with life and ask around about how certain family members and friends are doing and you just say okay and keep on going down the list happy that everyone is still alive and progressing. Well I had that conversation over 2 years ago about a few friends and family members and this post is about one of them. Continue reading

I Keep On Falling

Romans 5:1 –Amplified Bible (AMP)

5 Therefore, since we are justified ([a]acquitted, declared righteous, and given a right standing with God) through faith, let us [grasp the fact that we] have [the peace of reconciliation to hold and to [b]enjoy] peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).

Whenever I listen to this song it reminds me about what i’ve recently been learning about God’s Grace. I think that for the most part of my 20’s I stayed away from Church and my relationship with Christ because I never understood his grace.
I remember my excuses; “I’m not living right to act fake” “I’ve fornicated this year and I don’t think I plan on stopping, God doesn’t like that” “I have HATE in my heart for a lot of people I dislike, I can’t forgive them right now”

Even though my heart was always wanting to live a pure life, my own condemnation kept me away from assembling with others who could teach me about God’s grace for my life. Because I kept listening to my own suggestions as to why I didn’t deserve God’s Love for what I was doing, my life slowly started spiraling out of control. I started relaxing on my morals and being OK with just a “Little Sin” here and there..

My 1st Alcoholic Drink came on my 21st B’day.. Initially my morals from being a preachers child &  following Christ as a youngster kept me this far from this trap but I let what the culture around me (being in College) let me put my guard down. within a few years, It was Bottles at nightclubs, Fornicating with women I did not intend to marry, Smoking Black & Milds to Smoking What the President had tried as a youngster  because after all, God did make plants right? I did not realize how much i’d fallen until I found myself asking about X-pills. Then It was Pills, Smokes, Drinks & Women. Different Nights, Different Cities, Different OK’s to let my life just be. I don’t even know what I was trying to escape. (Actually I do, but that’s for my book) But I remember that everyday it was still there.

I’m here today because of God’s Grace. As I look back to what I opened up myself to, it’s only by his Grace that I did not Die from drunken nights driving home alone like a few of my friends ended up. It is by his Grace that I did not impregnate any of the women who I was loosely spending time with. It is by his Grace that I am No Longer Drinking, Smoking, Feeling like a little bit of this and that is OK because everyone around me is doing it. God’s grace allows us to pick up from whatever stage in life that we are in to repent, Look to Christ for deliverance and knowing that He already DIED for whatever Mental Prison that the Enemy has led you to believe that you are left to stay in. It allows you to triumphantly say to your suggestions that you are NO LONGER the person that he tries to make you think that YOU ARE. You are NO LONGER the person you THINK that everyone around you THINKS you are.

You were made in God’s Image. Christ Died so that you can let go of whatever has been burdening you to this day. The same Christ who Graces Murderers who changed their lives around is the same Christ who can give you the same power to Overcome whatever thoughts or issues you’ve been in. When I realized that Grace, I was able to move forward with the LIFE I was meant to have and I have walked in this new life with such a sense of entitlement that some friends from the past don’t know what to do with the changes they’ve seen. I can only give the glory to God because I would not be living this Life that was originally meant for me to live if I kept the same mindset of feeling Un-Graced as I did in my twenties.


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Man Up

I am loving this record right now.. music has always had a way of interacting with the soul so lately all I’ve been feeding my soul are great God inspired music.  Since Hip hop took my heart as a teen as my choice of music, I find it God sent to have gifted these young Men who are my peers to be able to spread his gospel through this medium with great skills. is where u can get more info about these Artists.

If you know of other great Artists, please leave a note of who they are so I can check them out.

– Otieno


I’m Praying For YOU



When I first started learning about Intercessory Prayers I didn’t know much about it. All I remember as a child was going to church with my parents and seeing a bunch of Christians just “Yelling, screaming, crying” etc. I usually took this opportunity to find my other friends who’s parents had brought them to church also and go play with them in the Children’s Service. Hours would go by, whether it was at the church or at a local brother or sister of the church’s house and then we’d head home.

I often wondered sometimes as life’s crazy twists and turns would happen as i continued to grow, why i’d be around all the bad stuff and nothing ever happened to me. (Veering from hitting a COUCH in the middle of a Freeway which injured others, Escaping Gun Shots at Parties, Always finding out about something Tragic happening after I left the location 30mins prior) But as I got back into the church & Started learning more, I realized the POWER OF PRAYER.

Intercessory Prayer is when you Pray for others. We usually tend to only pray for US even as kids growing up. My prayers always consisted of ME, MINE, MY, I Want, yadi, yada.. you know what I mean. But in interceding for others, we are praying on their behalf. God says that when we pray for others, and genuinely care for the Next Man, we are learning to be able to be a servant. We are then able to put away our selfish needs and wants and just become better followers of Christ. His 1st commandment was that we Love our Neighbors as we Love ourselves.

I started off my intercessory prayers by just looking around the church. I started praying that the members would have peace inside their households, Their Children would not see any harm come their way, Single Mothers with children will not stress about bills or food for their kids, Members who walked to church would be blessed to find jobs to help them save for a car, etc.. I started learning to pray for what might seem simple but could be a big struggle for my brother or sister next to me. I’ve been in situations where i was in most of those situations before being born again and I stressed about those issues so much that I don’t even remember how I overcame them.

That’s when it finally hit me.  All those times growing up when i’d make it out of crazy situations and nothing bad ever happened to me was because of my Parents and the other church members Intercessory Prayers for us. I never understood why I always barely missed trouble, Angels were answering the prayers of others who were genuinely praying for us as children that no harm would come our way. When you intercede for others, you care about the next man’s well being; God will send his angles to take care of them and in the same time come take care of you also. I went from praying about my want’s and needs to now praying for others first. God knows all the wants and cares of my heart and since i’ve cast all my burdens on the Lord, i’m able to pray for You, You, You, You annnnddd YOU that all will go well for you this week. The Job you’ve been waiting to hear back from will call you. The Questions you’ve been wanting answered will be. The issues you had last week will not matter this week. Your Rent will be paid on time, Your Kids will not go through the same issues you went through In the Name of Jesus… Amen

Take time to pray daily for others and watch what it does for you. I’m still practicing it daily. Pray for me as well.


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– Otieno

WE are who WE Have been waiting for.


I remember growing up as a young ministers son going to church every weekend. Most of the Times I would find a way to fall asleep on my mothers lap. Soon enough I was too old for that and I would find myself volunteering to help with the Children’s ministry to keep from listening to the whole service.

After a while, I became too old for that and nowwwww I had to be able to sit in and listen to a whole sermon from the preacher. I was teenager and none of my other friends ever had to go to church, let alone have their parents sometimes preach a sermon.

The 1st time a minister prophesied over my calling to lead many to Christ, I was 16 years old. I was finally getting the hang of being accepted amongst my American friends in school because of my athletic abilities. I was not too concerned about “leading my friends” to Christ. I mean, they had just now started to forget about making fun of me for being an “African booty scratcher” (kids in Seattle were mean).

I remember always looking at the ministers and thinking why some would think I could do what they said I would do. I mean, I wanted to let God use me in whichever way he could but I always thought to myself that it was more of something I might get along to doing in my 50’s.

As I transitioned through my life, there was always a minister speaking this “vision from the Lord” over me. It became overwhelming. Eventually I chose to stop going to church my sophomore year in college once I moved to ASU. Life moved on, I Started living on my own, no parents or church to tell me what to do. I Started partying, and partying and partying.. you get the picture 🙂

But then all that stopped. I wanted more, I already knew what was right. As I Started my walk towards Christianity again as an adult, I saw the little kid in me still looking at it as God will use me when I’m 50+ years old. Until one day I heard a sermon from my pastor. He said that, we need to stop thinking that someone else is going to come along and change our lives for us and others. God has given US the powers to go out and make a change in others lives as of TODAY. We ARE who we’ve been waiting on this whole time.

Wow…… When I received that word, this song made more sense to me. “If we gotta start somewhere, why not HERE. if we gotta start sometime why not NOW” We are equipped to be that change agent for our brothers and sisters. Today, in fact right after you read this, do what I did. Whenever I felt the spirit calling me to step into that Man of God I was called to be as a child, I would start humming this songs tune. It would remind me that I Am who I’ve been.waiting for this whole time and I’m definitely nowhere near 50 years old 🙂

Take a step out of your comfort zone and Do exactly what God has told you to do. Find that peace that’s inside of you and go become a Blessing to someone who needs to meet God TODAY.

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[Always Walk In Love]

Lord, I Need Your Help


During my transition back to Christ I had a LOT of TIME to myself. I spent many of those moments feeling alone.. I had left the Clubs, The Women’s, The Drinking and Smoking..

I was determined to Find my purpose in this life and wanted to let God use me as he’s used all the Great men in the Bible and throughout history..

I couldn’t quite figure out if I made the right decision. I mean, everyone I used to be around that used to say they Loved God were nowhere in sight.. I had a phone with over 1500 phone numbers in it with not 1 person I felt I could call that had my back or supported my decision to Follow Christ. Every friend I invited to come with me to church or bible study gave me every excuse I could ever imagine. So many more told me they would visit yet never came. I was hurt.

The people I spent allllll of my time with seemed to not want anything to do with me. I had nowhere or no one to talk to when I had issues with my girl. No one to talk to when someone was hating on me. No one to call when I was having family issues. No one I could call a friend like I used to call them.

But then I remembered a prayer that I had prayed when I first got saved. I had prayed for God to keep the people who were going to be a distraction to me during my walk Away from me. I had prayed for God to send me encouragers who would keep me growing stronger towards my anointing.

I realized that I was receiving what I had prayed for. God was protecting my walk and my heart for he knew the plans he had for me. I then realized that everything that I was looking for in friends and man I could find in God. This period of time drew me closer to the comfort of knowing that God’s promises are real and there was nothing that man could do to comfort me that God couldn’t..

I remember waking up and at any time I’d feel alone, I’d start praying wherever I was and that time was usually in my car driving to work. Whether I had just had a big fight with my fiance or lost money with our family business, I would pray in the spirit.. I found this song by Deitrick Haddon that helped me get through those feelings.. I would blast this song on my ride to work, sing along with it, pray with it on and I would feel the burdens lifting off of me. The tears would go back and I would grow stronger when I let God know that I NEEDED HIS HELP. by the time I got to work after playing this song on repeat, I was able to perform at top level like nothing had happened. I was able to draw on God’s power to not let the Devil steal my joy and anointing by planting seeds of loneliness in me.

Thank you Jesus for all the strength you continue to give me daily to walk in your spirit and for the Gifts you have given me to advance your Kingdom.  #ThankYouGodBless



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