Feed The Homeless / August’s 1st Bday Weekend

This past Friday I took my son August the Great to his 1st Community Service event. This weekend was his 1st Birthday Weekend and I wanted to start a tradition with him to where he’s able to give back for all the blessings he will have growing up.

I attend a feed the homeless program every 3rd Friday with my Fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha) at the First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix Arizona. I’ve been involved with this community service event ever since I joined my fraternity in 2001. Continue reading

Macklemore & The Sultan Of Swag

Life is something else..

Everyday I’m able to see how Amazing God is in blessing us all. We are all blessed everyday that we breathe and some of us are blessed to find out what we were put on this earth for at an early age.

You know that you’re getting old when you get on with life and ask around about how certain family members and friends are doing and you just say okay and keep on going down the list happy that everyone is still alive and progressing. Well I had that conversation over 2 years ago about a few friends and family members and this post is about one of them. Continue reading

Easter Service 2013

I want to start out by giving thanks to Jesus Christ for being our Lord & Savior.

My family & I went to the Fountain of Life House of Worship in Phoenix this weekend for their Easter Service.

Their arts department put on a play that was magnificent and very moving. This was our 1st Easter Service together with our son August The Great.

Is I grow, I’m thankful and happy to have Christ in my family’s life. We continuously grow and I get new revelations on how to be a better Husband, Father, Son, Brother & Friend.



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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, (I Timothy 2:1-3 NKJV)




I’ve been feeling pretty tired and overwhelmed lately. I never thought 40 hours of Work, 18 college credit hours at night and spending time with the Mrs and 10month old son would be exhaustive.

I decided to pray about my tiredness and asked for strength to do all things through Christ that’s in Me. My revelation told me to WAKE up Even EARLIER.. (For Real Lord?) so my alarm has been set for 5:45am Mon – Fri.

But I was still getting tired, I even took a week off work. Then I was instructed to to what I was told.. Everyday.. Not just weekly.. Saturday & Sunday too.. So I started waking up at 6am on Saturdays and made it my duty to go to one of my mentors barber shop to get a cut weekly.

I called Anthony at Ageez Barber Shop and told him to keep a seat open for me because I need to make it my routine to wake up earlier to get everything done. It’s been a month of coming in early and sticking to my revelation to get less tired by just getting up earlier and finishing most of my work.

This morning while at Ageez Barber Shop at 6:30am, Anthony told me that the Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton would be at the shop to speak with us about changes happening in Phoenix.

The mayor came to the shop, spoke to us about the new light rail being planned for central avenue, getting the community involved in the planning of the city and asked me to get involved with the big brothers of phoenix to help mentor younger men within the community. I was able to get one of my shirts to the mayor and he gladly wore it and gave me some kind words to keep spreading the message of Love.

The moral of the story is this. When you wake up early everyday, opportunities will present themselves to you and all you have to do at that point is seize that opportunity. Thank you God Bless to Ageez Barbershop and the Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton.

Amazing World


I was outside for only 5 mins when I noticed the clouds moving super low and extra dark. Something told me to take a picture of it because I don’t usually see this in phoenix AZ. A loud thunderstorm hit and then it started hailing. I ran quickly to move my car into the garage but the storm got me lol.. Check the video below on how quick things can change.




Fathers & Sons Breakfast

This past weekend I had the pleasure of getting together with 11 amazing individuals. 5 Fathers and 6 Sons.

My fraternity brother had kept pushing me on an idea we both spoke about earlier last year. Getting our sons together to play and creating an atmosphere where us young Husbands and fathers could congregate and build with each other through this journey called life.

I woke up early and linked up with Donell & his son Ky. We went to buy groceries for the breakfast.


We got together and Justin had already started making the waffles, eggs and bacon with his son Justin Jr. Continue reading

R-I-P Tyrice Thompson


Rest In Peace - Tyrice Thompson

Rest In Peace – Tyrice Thompson


Rest In Peace - Tyrice Thompson

Rest In Peace – Tyrice Thompson

UPDATE 2/7/2013: Scottsdale Police Made an Arrest Today on the person who Stabbed & Killed Tyrice while he was working as a Security Bouncer.


– There will also be a Benefit Concert/Show in Tyrice’s Honor at the Roxy on Monday 2/11/2013. More information coming on that as well

The Visitation services will be:

Saturday February 9th
Public Viewing is from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Eastlake Mortuary
1715 s Jefferson Street
(Jefferson & 16th street)
Phoenix, Az 85034

Services for Tyrice Thompson will be:
Sunday February 10, 2013 at 5:00pm at:
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
1401 East Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85009
602 258 0831

UPDATE 2/5/2013: God is Good, We put the word out yesterday & someone decided to help fly Tyrice’s Brother & Family in on their own Jet. We asked and we received. Tyrice’s Sister Torrie wanted me to let everyone know that the family is appreciative of all the Support and you can keep Donating towards Tyrice’s Funeral expenses. ALL of the DONATIONS we continue to Give & have received will go Tyrice’s SON Takai So please KEEP spreading the word. I know that these are the times where collectively the true God (LOVE) nature in us shines bright as we all connect together to do the Miraculous.

The Visitation services will be:
Saturday February 9th
Public Viewing is from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Eastlake Mortuary
1715 s Jefferson Street
(Jefferson & 16th street)
Phoenix, Az 85034

Services for Tyrice Thompson will be:
Sunday February 10, 2013 at 5:00pm at:
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
1401 East Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85009
602 258 0831

UPDATE 2/4/2013: I Spoke with Tyrice’s Sister Torrie Thompson Today and she asked me to help her bring their other brother and his family from Seattle for Tyrice’s Funeral. Please Click on the Donation Link and send whatever amount you can to help bring Tyrice’s Brother, Sister in Law and two Niece’s to Phoenix. Let’s rally up our support within Phoenix & ASU to bring our friends family together during this time of loss. Click the Social Networking Buttons below and spread the word to your Twitter, Facebook and Emails ASAP.

(After Clicking Donate, if you do not have a Paypal account, look to the bottom left of the page next to the Visa Logos and it will allow you to enter your Credit Card there)

Tyrice Thompson’s Funeral Service will be This SUNDAY FEB 10th, 5pm @ Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. 1401 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix Az 85034

#ThankYou & GodBless for your support to the family.


(You can Listen to the A-State-Shuffle by clicking the Link above. Right Click & Save As if you want to Download Tyrice’s Song made when he was playing Football at ASU about the Football Team)

It saddens me to write about another friend who has passed away this year

Tyrice Thompson, it’s unfair that you had to leave so young because you’ve always shown so much potential in everything that you did. As I sat in bed last night deciphering the news about your passing before word got out I had time to think about everything since I first met you.

I first met you when I would volunteer with my Fraternity to come to your high school and speak to your class about the path to College. The first day I met you, you took the opportunity to ask about anything you wanted to know about College. You asked a question that made everyone laugh and we answered it. You then followed that question with a bold statement that you would see us soon because you planned on playing football at ASU.

Two Years later after getting to know you on and off, you stepped foot on Arizona State University’s Campus and seeked me out just to let me know that you had fulfilled your promise to me from when we first met. I remember welcoming you with open arms and feeling overjoyed to see you “Make It”. I had mentored many young youths prior to you and you truly made me proud to have seen your progress. We kept in contact and you always knew you had a big brother figure on campus, you used your lil brother card and I was more than happy to redeem it whenever you came out to my events and parties.


You came to me and told me that you produced music and wanted to Rap. My response to you was always welcoming because I remembered that you did what you said and set your mind to. A few weeks later you were always over at my house with Nate, Ben and all the homies recording upstairs. I remember telling you that if what you created was good I had no problem letting you guys perform it at my parties and events. To tell the truth, you guys’ music kept me motivated to put on the best parties while we were in College because I wanted to see you guys get the best shine in whichever way I could help. The A-State-Shuffle was made and at that point I was sold that you had it made brother. I knew that you would make it in anything that you wanted because you showed talent throughout everything.

As time went on, we had great chats online late nights when I was going through my spiritual cleansing. I felt that you understood me because you did not shy away from me after I stopped Partying and Drinking. I felt like I was losing friends left and right and even though we didn’t hang out much you kept encouraging me to let my light shine as I was transforming. I remember a call we had one late night and I felt that you were on the same path as I. That night gave me strength to continue reading my Bible and not worry about losing friends because of my choice to follow God. I thank you for that moment because it helped me ease into continuing to just be me as I pursued Christ more because someone that I looked up to understood what pressures I was going through.

When we last saw each other, you gave my wife and I a super big hug and you were genuinely happy for our new baby on the way at the time. You made me blush cause you kept just saying wonderful things to my wife about the great man that she had. I hold those uplifting words up now and remember the great feeling it gave off as you were uplifting me. I will hold on to that part of your spirit to enhance me to pass that on as I continue living. I am now understanding our positive impacts you leave on people keep on living long after you are gone.

I am thankful to have been able to hold your hands in the Hospital this past wednesday and to pray with you. I massaged your feet as you were sleeping hooked up to the machines and left you some inspiring words at your bedside. As I left that Night I was heart broken because I felt that my supernatural healing powers were not strong enough to bring you back. I looked through every scripture of healing and cried out for your healing after I left. Even after hearing that you did not have brain function yesterday I still held off on speaking about you in the past tense, I prayed for a miracle today as everyone was starting to find out about your death.

You were sent to keep me going with my growth. You were the only one besides my wife to uplift me during my walk and I believe that was a purpose that was accomplished. In your death I will look to be a better version of you to the down hearted brothers and sisters who are looking for a way out to make something positive out of themselves. I will find a way to uplift more spirits as I meet people because I know that the experience we had was not just between you and me; You uplifted everyone you met.

I will walk in Light and Continue to let God’s Holy Spirit Guide me. I will remember you whenever I feel down about this road to righteousness. I will remember you when I bring positivity to someone who had nowhere else to turn.

I Love you & May You Rest In Peace Tyrice Thompson

Thank You & God Bless for being a part of my Life.
– Stan

Puppy For August

Should We Buy August The Great a Puppy?

My wife has been on a campaign to get our 9 month old son a Puppy. I think it’s HER who want’s one of those cute little dogs that hides in purses and she’s championing August The Great as the reason. I used to play the same game on my parents growing up lol.

Well, The latest campaign came in this video she uploaded and sent me a link to watch. Watching August The Great in this Video made me give in. We just might have to look into getting a puppy for my Wife, I mean August The Great lol

Thank You, God Bless


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Seattle Sonics Are Back

Well, Almost Back.

My Wife called me to tell me the News about the Sacramento Kings being sold to Seattle today. I was working so she was excited to be able to break the news to me first since i’m always first on major news in the Family.

I got off the Phone, checked my Facebook timeline, No Word. Checked ESPN, No Word.. Then I went to NBA.com and there was a slight story brewing about the team being sold by the Maloofs to Hansen and a Seattle Group. Next thing i checked was the Roster of the current Sacramento Kings team. 2 Players stood out.. Aaron Brooks & Isaiah Thomas.. How cool would that be for two Seattle Natives to be back home for the home team.

The Sonics were the 1st Major Sports team I watched when I first moved to America from Kenya. I remember sitting at a table with my father eating Wheaties learning about Michael Jordan from our 1st American Friend. He then went on to tell me stories about The Super Sonics that we had. All of this was amazing to a 9 year old in a new Country. Later on in Life I would meet Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton in pickup games in the Central District. I remember sophomore year in High School when we played against the Bulls in the Final. Having the team back would bring back some great childhood memories and build some new ones as well. Even though I live in Phoenix and have cheered on the Suns the past few years, One thing that has remained is our mutual Dislike for the LA Lakers. 🙂

So far No major sites have confirmed that it’s all true, but after having Mixed feelings last year watching the Thunder play in the NBA Finals 4 years after being removed from Seattle i’m ready to root for a “Sonics” Team. Maybe it took us watching our old team we took for granted to go to the Big game to light a match under us to be excited again. Hopefully it all works out and Seattle gets a basketball team to cheer for again.

Thank You God Bless


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R.I.P. Deshawn Milliken



Nappsack Photos, LLC: D Mill &emdash; D Mill-14

I Was Saddened this Morning to find out about the Death of a Good Friend from Seattle. R.I.P Deshawn Milliken

Met you for the 1st Time when We Played for the Giants in Little League Baseball with Coach Harvey. Saw you and your Sister Grow up in Seattle and it was all Love. We were always on the Same Baseball Teams and Football as Well. I remember when you came to Garfield High and Started playing Running Back as a Freshman.

I came to Arizona and we caught up again after you had went to school elsewhere. You always came and supported me at my parties and every time anyone from Seattle was in Phoenix they always told me how you had already gave them the word about supporting my events cause you were proud of your Seattle Homie doing his thing in Phoenix.

The last time we played Football together was for the Rams the Year we won the Championships and you hurt your knee. Time does not go back. Literally Yesterday when I was going up the stairs holding my Son and my Knees were hurting and I was thinking about this upcoming season you came to my mind. I was wondering how you were doing because I hadn’t seen you since then and how it was messed up that you hurt yourself that way. I really said in my head, I wonder how D-Mill is doing. Hopefully in someway that thought reached your spirit and your palms itched or whatever it is they say happens when someone is thinking about you.

You were Loved by many and it’s hurtful that someone took your life on Christmas Eve. I pray for Everlasting Healing to your family Today, Tomorrow and Future Holidays to come when you will be missed. I pray for strength for everyone who loved you to know that You made a Big Impact while you were on Earth as If you were in Heaven and not to feel a deep loss. You came and did exactly what you were meant to do. I am happy that our lives crossed paths my younger Brother.. I will hold on to your kind words whenever we talked and know that you truly had a Kind heart.

May You Forever Rest In Peace Deshawn Milliken

Thank You & God Bless your soul


I Keep On Falling

Romans 5:1 –Amplified Bible (AMP)

5 Therefore, since we are justified ([a]acquitted, declared righteous, and given a right standing with God) through faith, let us [grasp the fact that we] have [the peace of reconciliation to hold and to [b]enjoy] peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).

Whenever I listen to this song it reminds me about what i’ve recently been learning about God’s Grace. I think that for the most part of my 20’s I stayed away from Church and my relationship with Christ because I never understood his grace.
I remember my excuses; “I’m not living right to act fake” “I’ve fornicated this year and I don’t think I plan on stopping, God doesn’t like that” “I have HATE in my heart for a lot of people I dislike, I can’t forgive them right now”

Even though my heart was always wanting to live a pure life, my own condemnation kept me away from assembling with others who could teach me about God’s grace for my life. Because I kept listening to my own suggestions as to why I didn’t deserve God’s Love for what I was doing, my life slowly started spiraling out of control. I started relaxing on my morals and being OK with just a “Little Sin” here and there..

My 1st Alcoholic Drink came on my 21st B’day.. Initially my morals from being a preachers child &  following Christ as a youngster kept me this far from this trap but I let what the culture around me (being in College) let me put my guard down. within a few years, It was Bottles at nightclubs, Fornicating with women I did not intend to marry, Smoking Black & Milds to Smoking What the President had tried as a youngster  because after all, God did make plants right? I did not realize how much i’d fallen until I found myself asking about X-pills. Then It was Pills, Smokes, Drinks & Women. Different Nights, Different Cities, Different OK’s to let my life just be. I don’t even know what I was trying to escape. (Actually I do, but that’s for my book) But I remember that everyday it was still there.

I’m here today because of God’s Grace. As I look back to what I opened up myself to, it’s only by his Grace that I did not Die from drunken nights driving home alone like a few of my friends ended up. It is by his Grace that I did not impregnate any of the women who I was loosely spending time with. It is by his Grace that I am No Longer Drinking, Smoking, Feeling like a little bit of this and that is OK because everyone around me is doing it. God’s grace allows us to pick up from whatever stage in life that we are in to repent, Look to Christ for deliverance and knowing that He already DIED for whatever Mental Prison that the Enemy has led you to believe that you are left to stay in. It allows you to triumphantly say to your suggestions that you are NO LONGER the person that he tries to make you think that YOU ARE. You are NO LONGER the person you THINK that everyone around you THINKS you are.

You were made in God’s Image. Christ Died so that you can let go of whatever has been burdening you to this day. The same Christ who Graces Murderers who changed their lives around is the same Christ who can give you the same power to Overcome whatever thoughts or issues you’ve been in. When I realized that Grace, I was able to move forward with the LIFE I was meant to have and I have walked in this new life with such a sense of entitlement that some friends from the past don’t know what to do with the changes they’ve seen. I can only give the glory to God because I would not be living this Life that was originally meant for me to live if I kept the same mindset of feeling Un-Graced as I did in my twenties.


Want to learn More about Grace?

[Come to my Church with me This Sunday & EVERY Sunday Night at 7pm
El Elyon International Church
1830 W. Glenrosa Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015
On 19th Avenue & 2 Blocks North of Indian School Road. On the NE Corner]



Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional – Fridays 5:30pm

Hebrews 13:1-3 (NIV)

 1 Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. 2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. 3 Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.
Thank You God Bless

Feed the Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

I want to Thank God for all the programs that are out there to help those in need. Especially when it’s a program that is set up to help some of our less fortunate homeless brothers and sisters. These programs finds the necessary resources and help to be able to be a blessing to the less fortunate. The First Institutional Baptist Church Feed the homeless program is one of the programs that does such great works by providing a nice warm meal to those in need.  Everyone is welcomed to come and Volunteer to feed the Homeless EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 5:30pm – 8pm. So if you have some time, Please stop by to the church on the south end of the building and down the stairs. The Church is Located off the SW Corner of 12th Street & Jefferson.

Thank You God Bless

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

Ever since I was a young boy, I remember the 1st time I saw a homeless Person. I remember looking through my fathers car window as he drove through Downtown Seattle on a cold rainy day. I was 10years old trying to understand why as we were driving, there were people sleeping in the grass in the rain. As I grew older, I started seeing more and more less fortunate individuals who would sometimes ask me for change, food, blankets etc. Whenever I’ve had some extra cash and money I would always give it to someone in need. but as I grew older, a few friends started telling me NOT to give them any money. They started putting it in my mind that some homeless people only spent the money I gave them to buy drugs and Alcohol. Eventually, my giving heart started warring and I found myself starting to view some of my fellow brothers and sisters as below me & stopped giving.

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

In 2001 after joining my Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. I started participating in our Feed the homeless program at the 1st Institutional Baptist Church with my Frat Brothers. That was the 1st time that I started talking to and understanding that the homeless problem was one that I shouldn’t turn my back on. These were living humans that were living this same life that I was. Being able to talk and connect with them helped changed my heart again and I had to repent for feeling like all of them used the monies given them for Drug & Alcohol abuse. I volunteered with the program every 3rd Friday of the month for over 5 years.

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

Somewhere along the way I stopped going but I still felt the pain whenever I would run into a homeless brother or sister. Last year, while promoting my CD Mixtape project with @DJAYFreshmaker, we ran into a homeless group of 3 that we sat and talked to for over 2 hours. They told us their story and shared with us just how much they want to be respected as humans and regain their dignities back. They told us about a nice Clean Shower and Fresh clothes helps build their morale. We ended that conversation that day with Jasaund (Dj Freshmaker) Buying each of them a 12pack of Clean Socks as that was one of the MAIN thing they said that they cherished. Writing this now makes me want to start buying packs of socks to keep in the car for the next Homeless brothers and sisters I run into. I hope you can do the same.

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

Feeding the homeless to me is a way that I can go out and be able to SERVE another person and lift their spirits up with kind words to bring them Joy. As Jesus Washed his disciples feet to show them that Even the Highest can Serve, So shall we never feel like it’s beneath us to Love and Serve our less fortunate ones. I love bringing each person their drinks and utensils. The ladies there love me 🙂 and always call me back to get seconds.. (Maybe they just want the seconds lol) I Volunteer every 3rd & 4th Friday of the Month at the Church. I want to bring more awareness to this program so that you can come and volunteer as well. YOU ARE ALL WELCOMED to come help ANY Friday that you are free. The CHURCH LOVES having volunteers. The Food is already provided, We prep it and serve it. MEN & WOMEN are encouraged to come through and so are children. Hopefully I will see some of you there, and if not; try changing your views on how you can help another fellow Brother or Sister out. The least you can do is buy a small Pack of Socks to give to someone, Their feet’s will thank you for them.

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

Feed The Homeless @ First Institutional Baptist Church

– Otieno

TY&GB Clothing Bio

"Thank You God Bless Clothing" "God Is LOVE"


***Read Through All My Blog Postings as the Company Grows, I typed out a brief bio on how my inspiration for TY&GB Clothing came about. I will be using this for future info and the beginning of my testimony on my change. Please read through it as i’m still editing it and let me know what you think about it. If you are an English major and find it in your hear to give me some feedback or revisions, please send them to me at GodBlessThankYou(at)Gmail.com ***

Coming out of the Phoenix Night Club Scene as one of the Top College Party Promoters, “Ace Black” born Stanislaw Otieno Ogwel heard a voice from within telling him “GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU, STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL, TONIGHT”  The date was 10/31/2009.

Ty&Gb Clothing is a product of the journey i’ve been on since the night I heard from God. From that night on, everything in my life changed. I blindly followed my inner voice and kept track of what I was being told. Before the year was up, I rededicated my life back to Christ on 12/27/2009 at Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church. That was the last Sunday of the year ending my 10 year absence from the Church. I felt like the prodigal son that day and remembered telling my friends afterwards on how happy I was to have made that decision.

Still partying but no longer drinking I was searching for Church homes to grow my walk in Christ. I would send out tweets & facebook statuses asking anyone to invite me to their church homes so I could learn about Christ. One night after hosting a Fashion Show at Arizona State University, I heard another voice  telling me to go speak to one of the volunteers about God… INSIDE THE NIGHTCLUB. I spoke to a young lady by the name of Yvette and told her about how I was tired of being out and about and told her of my revelation a few months back on God having a plan for me to use my Gifts towards his Kingdom so I needed to Stop Drinking and find a Church Home. That night she gave me a flyer and invited me to her Church’s Bible Study that week and I took her up on her offer glad that she was not

I remember going to the Bible Study at El Elyon Church which was inside a school at the time on a Thursday night in April. The lady who had invited me was there and a few other members. After a few songs of praise & worship, the Pastor of the church came up to the pulpit and started preaching. At first I thought I was seeing things but as it turned out, the pastor of the Church was Former Bad Boy Rapper turned Preacher, Mason Betha aka MA$E. I really thought God was playing some trick on me now because I was living a similar lifestyle previous to that and out of nowhere my plans were interrupted to find God. After hearing the sermon, I got a chance to meet up with the pastor for a few minutes & he challenged me to read the book of Acts by the next time I saw him. As it turned out, the same lady that my inner voice had told me to go talk to about God in the club was his assistant.

A few weeks had went by and I had not went back to the church. Things were getting too weird for me as I thought about how things were playing out. I used to listen to the Pastors old songs & even though I grew up liking Tupac more, I enjoyed the songs MASE had put out and I admired him as a role model that I looked up to for being able to leave the world to follow Christ.  When I finally went back to visit the church, I felt an inner voice telling me that I was sent to this church for a reason. I kept fighting it and finding excuses as to why I could not make it because my work schedule was always at the same time.

Funny things tend to happen when you start making excuses when God wants you somewhere. I got FIRED from my Job the week before the Church started a “Change Your Life” 30 day seminar which was taught by the pastor for a full month straight. I remember feeling lost & hopeless because I had promised to God that I would trust him and not throw any secular parties if he could guide me and here I was without a Job or income. I cried out because I felt the devil trying to tempt me to go back into my old lifestyle. I cried out & prayed that night for strength to overcome my wants.

That night God gave me a revelation that everything will be all right. He told me that he was going to use my natural skills and talents to show how good he is. He told me to attend every day of the Church Seminar with a Pen & a Notepad and write down Everything because his answers were going to be revealed to me. He told me that my obedience to him from this point on was going to bring my family back together and deliver them as well. He told me that my brother and sisters would be saved, I will be able to evangelize in my home country of Kenya. He also told me that I would soon get married and have a family soon after. But in order to receive those blessings, I had to follow his plans for me wholeheartedly.

I was ALL IN. That night of my revelation and promises was 5/30/2010. The Following Day was Day one of the Seminar that Pastor Mason was preaching about and the first verse we went over was Romans 8:2. I rededicated my life again that day and vowed to celibacy until Marriage and followed God’s voice within me. 2 Weeks after the seminar started, a friend of mines called me from a magazine publication with a Job. I prayed about it and accepted the management position with the magazine company. I kept gospel music in the car and sermons to listen to all day. I read my Bible all night.. My promises were too real to let them go away for disobedience.

My Girlfriend & I ended up getting Married and having a big Wedding Ceremony the following year on 5/30/2011; a full year after my revelation. Then God revealed to me why he had me carry my notepad of sermons to write and read weekly. I received a revelation to turn my notes from Pastor Mason into a T-Shirt Company with Faith based words & Scriptures. When I eventually took that step out on faith and got my 1st shirts printed up in September 2011, we found out the same week that my Wife was Pregnant with our 1st Son. Amennnnnnnnnnnnn…

God has been Good to me. Through the ROUGH Times and my Happiest Times. His promises to me kept me Thankful through it all and giving him Blessings daily gave me the strength to overcome many obstacles. I have accepted God’s will for my life and will share my testimony with anyone who is willing to listen because I have truly witnessed his blessings from the Supernatural being manifested into the Natural. I would love to fulfill my promises by evangelizing to the masses and using my natural God given Gifts to enhance the Kingdom. Email me if you have events you would like for me to come speak to some youths about Christ or if you have a store that would love to carry our Clothing Line. We can also help with fundraising plans or display our merchandise at your Church or Community events. Contact me at: GodBlessThankYou@Gmail.com

Follow our Twitter Page @TyGbOnline | Facebook.com/ThankYouGodBless
– Otieno

Destiny Awaits for you to Obey God




– We must learn to GO towards our Destiny and ANY person who is MEANT to be in your life will Follow.

This past Saturday was my wifes 28th Birthday. At midnight on Friday I woke her up with a glass of Juice & some chocolate chip cookies I had baked while singing Happy Birthday to her. She woke up and smiled, ate her cookies and gave me a big hug. She was Happy. On our wedding day, my mother had gave us both a piece of advice that rang deep in our souls that we both promised each other to remember the lesson in that advice. In front of the elders and Rashawnda’s mother she said. “Marriage will bring you many tests. Some good, some bad. Most will do with finances while you’re still young and gaining establishment. Don’t let the stress of not having put a strain on your relationship. As long as you have a roof over your head and the two of you love each other, be willing to enjoy a Soda and some cake if its your only meal as if its a feast for kings. Because it is your happiness together during these times that will keep you going strong for one another.” So when I brought the cookies and soda for her at midnight and made a joke about that advice we received, we both had a good laugh about it because we had each other, a roof, soda and a meal fit for Kings… 🙂

Earlier in the week I remember feeling a little stressed because everything was coming up all at once and I wanted to show my wife how much I appreciated her on her Bday. Sharing one car has had its limitations and ive had to find creative new ways of getting around as to not burden my family with my busy schedule. Especially with our new Kiosk opening up at the mall, my football practices, work and my commitment to church has spread me thin to say the least as far as being everywhere I need to be. One day last week after some prayers in the morning I shared with my wife the frustrations I had been putting on myself. After our discussion I told her that I just wasn’t going to let it put a damper on my spirits and that she will see me as a brand new man with many blessings to be thankful for.

It was just 2 years ago that I met my soon to be Mrs. I had just given up Alcohol and started walking towards a new path in life. I remember the feelings of seeing something different in this woman that I had not seen but could not quite put my finger on it. I had just left Alllll my old relationships with women, partying and just plain disobedience to God’s word. So when I met her she met a Man that didn’t drink Alcohol and was searching for God’s love. She would spend times with me teaching me about the bible. Answering questions I had, praying for me and encouraging me to grow my relationship with God. I remember telling her about my talks with God and the visions he was showing me and she never looked at me as a weird guy but kept on praying with me. I remember asking her what she thought about being a ministers wife and she replied, “Good, because God told me I was going to marry a great man of God and that I will have a Women’s Ministry to help advance the Gospel”. Wowwwww… We both did not know at the time what was in store for our lives together. We were knocking on destinys door unaware of the journey that was set for us. We both had our pasts and were given fresh new starts by the grace of God.

As I started taking small steps towards my destiny I started seeing the people who were not meant for my life slowly disappear. As I continued taking larger steps towards my destiny I started seeing my soon to be wife grow closer to me. You see, something NEW will burst out when you get in a NEW environment and I now see why none of my relationships were lasting when I had Club Nights as my Master. The OLD you cannot keep up with the New You.

Remembering the New me, I woke up Saturday morning and made my wife some breakfast in Bed that she enjoyed. I then surprised her with 2 lovely gifts that made her smile all day and I know she loved them cause every phone call she had all I could hear her say was, “Girl, Stan got me the best present ever” 🙂 lol… I was eavesdropping. Being that she’s pregnant, we went out to eat for Dinner with a few family friends and then went to the movies to watch the New Justin Timberlake Movie. The day was perfect. I was able to put away all of my worries for the week and gave them to Jesus to handle. I was able to have a great day celebrating my lady’s special day with her. We had each other, Love and a roof over our head to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for not being afraid to take steps towards my destiny because with obedience, I was able to find the life that was hidden for me in Christ.

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I’m Still Winning, Even When It Doesn’t Look Like It – Car on Fire

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq7q6nOQstc]

5 years ago back in 2007 I had finally hit semi-Rock Bottom.  Professionally and Private. My Car was being repossessed, My Apartment I was living in Kicked me out,  My Club Parties were getting Cut-throat and my girlfriend at that time had just cheated on me with a guy who used to come to my parties. EVERYTHING WAS ALLLLLL BAD. I just didn’t know what to do next. I had many thoughts of “Going out in a blaze”. I wanted to Smash the Dude every time i saw him. I wanted to beat up the other promoters messing with my money. Basically i wanted to do a lot of Negative things I knew would not be beneficial for me in the long run.

I Prayed about it then and decided to pack it all up and move back to Seattle just to get some air to breathe before I found myself LOCKED UP for doing something stupid because the Devil was trying his best to get me out of my Destiny. I let the Apartment Go; I let the Car get repossessed, I let the Girlfriend Go and the Clubs. I spent 6 months in Seattle working at a temp agency making $7.50 an hour while sleeping on my Uncles couch. I was LOW. The Devil kept trying to get me to give up. I remember one night sitting and praying to God to help me turn my life around. I prayed for strength to overcome the feelings of worthlessness I was enduring.

I made a deal with God. I know, we all tend to do that; but this time I was serious to take a step towards the Life that was planned for me. I was through with just living life partying without a care. Those months in Seattle were humbling to me and gave me a chance to just spend time with God. God was speaking to me during my mornings of going to a temp agency wrapping up boxes in a factory somewhere. It was just Me & Him. God told me to let it all Go, the partying, the drinking, the women and just concentrate on my FAMILY.


I decided to listen. My first 3 months check I received from the temp Agency I took and gave to my Mother for her African Fabrics & Baskets business and told her that I wanted to be a better Son to her. God had told me to Invest in her business and Travel with her to sell her merchandise. When my 6months in Seattle was up, I decided to move back to Phoenix and forgave all the people who I was having issues with. I kept on working with my mother traveling and just doing what the Spirit had told me to do. My brother got involved in the business and we started re-building our family business from the ground up.

When I moved back to Phoenix I kept my deal with God. I picked up a Second Job and tried staying away from the partying and drinking but that was kind of hard for me to do at that time. (God was still working on me) I remember walking everyday to the bus stop just to get to work. The devil kept on putting it in my head that what I was doing was WHACK.. I just needed to get some more parties Cracking, Get my money up, link up with the old Homey’s and make some quick Cash.. But God kept telling me to Humble myself. Wake up, Walk to the Bus Stop, Don’t worry about who see’s you at your low point.


I ended up working many hours and my Mother saw my struggles between my Job & helping her with her shows. She told me that God told her to send me to Houston to sell her Baskets for her. I ended up going and made lot’s of Money that weekend alone selling Baskets and Fabrics for www.MaendeleoImports.com. When I returned, She told me that God had put it in her heart to Let me KEEP all the Money from that weekend to help me buy a Car because I was faithful to his word. I was ecstatic and thanked God for knowing the needs of my heart.

I spent my hard earned NON-CLUB MONEY to buy this 1996 Acura TL all CASH. God took care of me with a Vehicle to use for the past 3 1/2 Years and showed me how to Humble myself and how to slowly let go of Worldly things and seek a relationship with him.


Today, while driving to work for my 1st Day of Work, the Devil tried killing my Joy again. My car caught on Fire on the Freeway. Not once did I freak out or cry about my Loss. All I could do as the car was burning in front of me was to Thank God for Keeping me alive to stop it before it engulfed. I Thanked God for Sending the Stranger in a Truck to Try and help me with his Fire Extinguisher and remove my stuff from inside the car once we couldn’t open the hood. I Thanked God for The Group of Firemen who was on their way to a Training Session at the same time my car started burning up and they stopped in time to put the fire out because we never even had time to call 911. I was thanking God for being able to Call my Wife to come get me on the side of the Road after it happened and I was especially Thankful to God for Letting me be able to be Alive to see her and my Future Child growing in her belly.

When there are things that comes our way that tries to bring us down, Be thankful for the things that can uplift you. I survived today because I was filled up in Prayers from last night when I prayed for every family to be safe in the Church and for others because God brought His Angles in full force to make sure that I was a part of that Safe Family today and I made it home safe.


As far as the car goes, it’s a Gonner.. But I do know how to humble myself, Work hard & in due time, God already has a BETTER CAR for me and my Family that I will be able to drive my Child Safely in when he/she is born. I’m not even worried about it, because if I have to take a Bus at times to be able to provide for my family, I will; If you happen to see me, feel free to stop by and pick a brother up 🙂

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– Otieno

I’m Praying For YOU

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCdSWc6BBTQ]


When I first started learning about Intercessory Prayers I didn’t know much about it. All I remember as a child was going to church with my parents and seeing a bunch of Christians just “Yelling, screaming, crying” etc. I usually took this opportunity to find my other friends who’s parents had brought them to church also and go play with them in the Children’s Service. Hours would go by, whether it was at the church or at a local brother or sister of the church’s house and then we’d head home.

I often wondered sometimes as life’s crazy twists and turns would happen as i continued to grow, why i’d be around all the bad stuff and nothing ever happened to me. (Veering from hitting a COUCH in the middle of a Freeway which injured others, Escaping Gun Shots at Parties, Always finding out about something Tragic happening after I left the location 30mins prior) But as I got back into the church & Started learning more, I realized the POWER OF PRAYER.

Intercessory Prayer is when you Pray for others. We usually tend to only pray for US even as kids growing up. My prayers always consisted of ME, MINE, MY, I Want, yadi, yada.. you know what I mean. But in interceding for others, we are praying on their behalf. God says that when we pray for others, and genuinely care for the Next Man, we are learning to be able to be a servant. We are then able to put away our selfish needs and wants and just become better followers of Christ. His 1st commandment was that we Love our Neighbors as we Love ourselves.

I started off my intercessory prayers by just looking around the church. I started praying that the members would have peace inside their households, Their Children would not see any harm come their way, Single Mothers with children will not stress about bills or food for their kids, Members who walked to church would be blessed to find jobs to help them save for a car, etc.. I started learning to pray for what might seem simple but could be a big struggle for my brother or sister next to me. I’ve been in situations where i was in most of those situations before being born again and I stressed about those issues so much that I don’t even remember how I overcame them.

That’s when it finally hit me.  All those times growing up when i’d make it out of crazy situations and nothing bad ever happened to me was because of my Parents and the other church members Intercessory Prayers for us. I never understood why I always barely missed trouble, Angels were answering the prayers of others who were genuinely praying for us as children that no harm would come our way. When you intercede for others, you care about the next man’s well being; God will send his angles to take care of them and in the same time come take care of you also. I went from praying about my want’s and needs to now praying for others first. God knows all the wants and cares of my heart and since i’ve cast all my burdens on the Lord, i’m able to pray for You, You, You, You annnnddd YOU that all will go well for you this week. The Job you’ve been waiting to hear back from will call you. The Questions you’ve been wanting answered will be. The issues you had last week will not matter this week. Your Rent will be paid on time, Your Kids will not go through the same issues you went through In the Name of Jesus… Amen

Take time to pray daily for others and watch what it does for you. I’m still practicing it daily. Pray for me as well.


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– Otieno

God has my back





As I lay in bed watching Rod Parsley and Joseph Prince on TV I can’t help but to think about how life has taken a drastic change for me. My Wife is sleeping right next to me and everyday before I go to bed I just look at her and whisper “I Love You” before I fall asleep.. Her belly is growing and it finally hit me yesterday as I saw her baby bump actually start showing to me. I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER…

Wow… Just 3 years ago I remember telling my close friends about my desire to change my life around. I constantly talked about it but I don’t think anyone even cared to hear me out. Life was getting out of hand for me. Once I realized my potential for feeling like it would be okay to bring violence to another person for “Messing with my money” I knew that I was on another level. I’m sure that now if you were to ask any of my friends, everything will start making sense as to how I was acting back then.

This past week I Started a new Job and Lost my Wallet right before my state fair booth opened up so I had no access to any money for the weekend. When I found out about my Wallet last Thursday morning, I decided to leave it up to God. I prayed about it on my way to work and just looked at it as the Devil trying to evoke some type of emotion out of me. I don’t even think I prayed about it again after that, I just went about my day and weekend like I normally would have. I did not worry about anyone maxing out my cards or murmured about how inconvenient this would be since the state fair was starting the next day.

We started the state fair on Friday and did well.. On Saturday my Wife and I went to my frat brother Justin Kelley and his wife Corazon’s wedding. We decided to enjoy their day with them and not worry about no access to money. I got a chance to hang out with my lil nephews Soul & Pei and just enjoyed the day with my Wife. We returned to the state fair to find out that we had No sales for the day. I wanted to start worrying about how I was gonna pay my workers but I remembered again, The Devil is still trying to get my emotions involved. Sundays sales were not great either. I ended up going to church that night and had a great worship service. I kept hearing -Men ought to Always pray- through the Good times and even through the bad times.

I went to work like usual this past Monday, went to Bible Study on Tuesday and helped pray for a Man who literally came in Off the streets and was under some type of narcotic influence. His belly hurting during the alter call and I layed hands on him during the alter call for prayers.. he felt better and I was amazed.

On Wednesday as I was coming home, I received a text message from my Wife telling me that my Wallet eventually got returned and was at home on the table. I gave a huge praise upon the news and was very thankful.. my money was still in it and nothing had been taken.

But that’s not all, My job had a raffle yesterday for some cool prizes.. when I got to work this morning, I received an email that said I had Won a prize 🙂


All I could say to my co workers about the change of events was that God Is Good and that I’m highly favored.

Even though my sales at the fair are not where I’d like them to be, I’m still thankful to God for all that he has and continues to give me. I have a Life Now that was Hidden for me until I found Christ. A loving Wife, Health, Happiness, and our 1st child on the way. I am blessed.

Through our daily walks there will be obstacles whether big or small that the Enemy will try to throw our way to get us out of our love. We must continue to have faith that God has our back and works in his own mysterious ways.. I am more than convinced through my own walks that God is Real and he watches over me.

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WE are who WE Have been waiting for.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlaKYbG5Bq0]

I remember growing up as a young ministers son going to church every weekend. Most of the Times I would find a way to fall asleep on my mothers lap. Soon enough I was too old for that and I would find myself volunteering to help with the Children’s ministry to keep from listening to the whole service.

After a while, I became too old for that and nowwwww I had to be able to sit in and listen to a whole sermon from the preacher. I was teenager and none of my other friends ever had to go to church, let alone have their parents sometimes preach a sermon.

The 1st time a minister prophesied over my calling to lead many to Christ, I was 16 years old. I was finally getting the hang of being accepted amongst my American friends in school because of my athletic abilities. I was not too concerned about “leading my friends” to Christ. I mean, they had just now started to forget about making fun of me for being an “African booty scratcher” (kids in Seattle were mean).

I remember always looking at the ministers and thinking why some would think I could do what they said I would do. I mean, I wanted to let God use me in whichever way he could but I always thought to myself that it was more of something I might get along to doing in my 50’s.

As I transitioned through my life, there was always a minister speaking this “vision from the Lord” over me. It became overwhelming. Eventually I chose to stop going to church my sophomore year in college once I moved to ASU. Life moved on, I Started living on my own, no parents or church to tell me what to do. I Started partying, and partying and partying.. you get the picture 🙂

But then all that stopped. I wanted more, I already knew what was right. As I Started my walk towards Christianity again as an adult, I saw the little kid in me still looking at it as God will use me when I’m 50+ years old. Until one day I heard a sermon from my pastor. He said that, we need to stop thinking that someone else is going to come along and change our lives for us and others. God has given US the powers to go out and make a change in others lives as of TODAY. We ARE who we’ve been waiting on this whole time.

Wow…… When I received that word, this song made more sense to me. “If we gotta start somewhere, why not HERE. if we gotta start sometime why not NOW” We are equipped to be that change agent for our brothers and sisters. Today, in fact right after you read this, do what I did. Whenever I felt the spirit calling me to step into that Man of God I was called to be as a child, I would start humming this songs tune. It would remind me that I Am who I’ve been.waiting for this whole time and I’m definitely nowhere near 50 years old 🙂

Take a step out of your comfort zone and Do exactly what God has told you to do. Find that peace that’s inside of you and go become a Blessing to someone who needs to meet God TODAY.

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[Always Walk In Love]

Lord, I Need Your Help

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgY_IzEaiAk]

During my transition back to Christ I had a LOT of TIME to myself. I spent many of those moments feeling alone.. I had left the Clubs, The Women’s, The Drinking and Smoking..

I was determined to Find my purpose in this life and wanted to let God use me as he’s used all the Great men in the Bible and throughout history..

I couldn’t quite figure out if I made the right decision. I mean, everyone I used to be around that used to say they Loved God were nowhere in sight.. I had a phone with over 1500 phone numbers in it with not 1 person I felt I could call that had my back or supported my decision to Follow Christ. Every friend I invited to come with me to church or bible study gave me every excuse I could ever imagine. So many more told me they would visit yet never came. I was hurt.

The people I spent allllll of my time with seemed to not want anything to do with me. I had nowhere or no one to talk to when I had issues with my girl. No one to talk to when someone was hating on me. No one to call when I was having family issues. No one I could call a friend like I used to call them.

But then I remembered a prayer that I had prayed when I first got saved. I had prayed for God to keep the people who were going to be a distraction to me during my walk Away from me. I had prayed for God to send me encouragers who would keep me growing stronger towards my anointing.

I realized that I was receiving what I had prayed for. God was protecting my walk and my heart for he knew the plans he had for me. I then realized that everything that I was looking for in friends and man I could find in God. This period of time drew me closer to the comfort of knowing that God’s promises are real and there was nothing that man could do to comfort me that God couldn’t..

I remember waking up and at any time I’d feel alone, I’d start praying wherever I was and that time was usually in my car driving to work. Whether I had just had a big fight with my fiance or lost money with our family business, I would pray in the spirit.. I found this song by Deitrick Haddon that helped me get through those feelings.. I would blast this song on my ride to work, sing along with it, pray with it on and I would feel the burdens lifting off of me. The tears would go back and I would grow stronger when I let God know that I NEEDED HIS HELP. by the time I got to work after playing this song on repeat, I was able to perform at top level like nothing had happened. I was able to draw on God’s power to not let the Devil steal my joy and anointing by planting seeds of loneliness in me.

Thank you Jesus for all the strength you continue to give me daily to walk in your spirit and for the Gifts you have given me to advance your Kingdom.  #ThankYouGodBless



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As I was driving home today from work, I was surprised to see a Cop turn his lights on to pull me over. Now normally in the Past my body would tense up at the site of flashing lights in my rearview. Today was different though, why not take this chance to practice my faith. I Started praying for strength to overcome my fear. I Started praying in tongues under my breath. I Started speaking to the spirit of fear in me. As this officer approached me, I already knew he had it in for me and he was going to do everything in his power to give me a Ticket. He had already set it in his Spirit that I was wrong and he had to exercise his authority over me, so I Started praying in the spirit even more as he ran my license and plates.

Now the reason I developed a fear of officers pulling me over goes back to 1999 when I was driving in Seattle with my younger brother during winter break from College. My Father had just bought me a new car and we were driving back home. When we pulled up to our street, 2 cop cars pulled us over. They came to both sides of the car with their Guns drawn and pulled my brother and I out the car. The neighborhood kids saw this happening and ran to our house to tell our parents. At the time, my mother was pregnant and seeing her 2 sons being held at Gun point for a mistaken car theft eventually made her lose her baby. At that moment in time I Started not trusting an officer and his computer whenever I was pulled over.

So as I Started praying in the spirit today, God started calming me down. I remembered my pastors sermon on how our God helps you overcome any fears. I Started saying to God to Trouble my Troubles and speak in confidence. When the officer came back and still gave me a Ticket for EXITING off an HOV exit next to my house, I was not nervous to ask why he did not give me a warning. He did not budge and Told me that the ticket can be forgiven when I go to traffic school. At first my fears wanted to take over to start worrying about the cost of the ticket. Then I remembered a sermon from our pastor on Speaking to our fears.. I told that ticket that “I’m Winning.. Even when it doesn’t look like it” in fact, even as I’m writting this, I have yet to Find out how much the ticket was. The enemy will not use this event to make me worry about my finances at this time even while I’m expecting our first child. When I prayed about the ticket, I was able to get some understanding on the path that is set in front of me. I will go to traffic school in expectation to meet someone that God wants me to reach. I have taken the positive route and I’m just #Thankful to have a means of transportation to be able to continue to provide for my family. The enemy tried getting me out of my Love today but God helped me through the situation.. when the Cop let me go, I felt a great sense of relief that I never felt before on the numerous occasions I’ve dealt with officers in the Past. I believe that God took away my anxiety and was able to help me finally forgive Police officers for what part I felt they played in me not having a younger brother.

We will continue to get challenged every day as we walk for the Kingdom of God. We need to remember to Stay Armored up because the battles we will fight on the daily are not of flesh and blood but of spirits.. When we know what we are facing, we’ll be able to overcome these battles..

Ephesians 6:10-20 KJV

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.



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