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***Read Through All My Blog Postings as the Company Grows, I typed out a brief bio on how my inspiration for TY&GB Clothing came about. I will be using this for future info and the beginning of my testimony on my change. Please read through it as i’m still editing it and let me know what you think about it. If you are an English major and find it in your hear to give me some feedback or revisions, please send them to me at GodBlessThankYou(at)Gmail.com ***

Coming out of the Phoenix Night Club Scene as one of the Top College Party Promoters, “Ace Black” born Stanislaw Otieno Ogwel heard a voice from within telling him “GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU, STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL, TONIGHT”  The date was 10/31/2009.

Ty&Gb Clothing is a product of the journey i’ve been on since the night I heard from God. From that night on, everything in my life changed. I blindly followed my inner voice and kept track of what I was being told. Before the year was up, I rededicated my life back to Christ on 12/27/2009 at Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church. That was the last Sunday of the year ending my 10 year absence from the Church. I felt like the prodigal son that day and remembered telling my friends afterwards on how happy I was to have made that decision.

Still partying but no longer drinking I was searching for Church homes to grow my walk in Christ. I would send out tweets & facebook statuses asking anyone to invite me to their church homes so I could learn about Christ. One night after hosting a Fashion Show at Arizona State University, I heard another voice  telling me to go speak to one of the volunteers about God… INSIDE THE NIGHTCLUB. I spoke to a young lady by the name of Yvette and told her about how I was tired of being out and about and told her of my revelation a few months back on God having a plan for me to use my Gifts towards his Kingdom so I needed to Stop Drinking and find a Church Home. That night she gave me a flyer and invited me to her Church’s Bible Study that week and I took her up on her offer glad that she was not

I remember going to the Bible Study at El Elyon Church which was inside a school at the time on a Thursday night in April. The lady who had invited me was there and a few other members. After a few songs of praise & worship, the Pastor of the church came up to the pulpit and started preaching. At first I thought I was seeing things but as it turned out, the pastor of the Church was Former Bad Boy Rapper turned Preacher, Mason Betha aka MA$E. I really thought God was playing some trick on me now because I was living a similar lifestyle previous to that and out of nowhere my plans were interrupted to find God. After hearing the sermon, I got a chance to meet up with the pastor for a few minutes & he challenged me to read the book of Acts by the next time I saw him. As it turned out, the same lady that my inner voice had told me to go talk to about God in the club was his assistant.

A few weeks had went by and I had not went back to the church. Things were getting too weird for me as I thought about how things were playing out. I used to listen to the Pastors old songs & even though I grew up liking Tupac more, I enjoyed the songs MASE had put out and I admired him as a role model that I looked up to for being able to leave the world to follow Christ.  When I finally went back to visit the church, I felt an inner voice telling me that I was sent to this church for a reason. I kept fighting it and finding excuses as to why I could not make it because my work schedule was always at the same time.

Funny things tend to happen when you start making excuses when God wants you somewhere. I got FIRED from my Job the week before the Church started a “Change Your Life” 30 day seminar which was taught by the pastor for a full month straight. I remember feeling lost & hopeless because I had promised to God that I would trust him and not throw any secular parties if he could guide me and here I was without a Job or income. I cried out because I felt the devil trying to tempt me to go back into my old lifestyle. I cried out & prayed that night for strength to overcome my wants.

That night God gave me a revelation that everything will be all right. He told me that he was going to use my natural skills and talents to show how good he is. He told me to attend every day of the Church Seminar with a Pen & a Notepad and write down Everything because his answers were going to be revealed to me. He told me that my obedience to him from this point on was going to bring my family back together and deliver them as well. He told me that my brother and sisters would be saved, I will be able to evangelize in my home country of Kenya. He also told me that I would soon get married and have a family soon after. But in order to receive those blessings, I had to follow his plans for me wholeheartedly.

I was ALL IN. That night of my revelation and promises was 5/30/2010. The Following Day was Day one of the Seminar that Pastor Mason was preaching about and the first verse we went over was Romans 8:2. I rededicated my life again that day and vowed to celibacy until Marriage and followed God’s voice within me. 2 Weeks after the seminar started, a friend of mines called me from a magazine publication with a Job. I prayed about it and accepted the management position with the magazine company. I kept gospel music in the car and sermons to listen to all day. I read my Bible all night.. My promises were too real to let them go away for disobedience.

My Girlfriend & I ended up getting Married and having a big Wedding Ceremony the following year on 5/30/2011; a full year after my revelation. Then God revealed to me why he had me carry my notepad of sermons to write and read weekly. I received a revelation to turn my notes from Pastor Mason into a T-Shirt Company with Faith based words & Scriptures. When I eventually took that step out on faith and got my 1st shirts printed up in September 2011, we found out the same week that my Wife was Pregnant with our 1st Son. Amennnnnnnnnnnnn…

God has been Good to me. Through the ROUGH Times and my Happiest Times. His promises to me kept me Thankful through it all and giving him Blessings daily gave me the strength to overcome many obstacles. I have accepted God’s will for my life and will share my testimony with anyone who is willing to listen because I have truly witnessed his blessings from the Supernatural being manifested into the Natural. I would love to fulfill my promises by evangelizing to the masses and using my natural God given Gifts to enhance the Kingdom. Email me if you have events you would like for me to come speak to some youths about Christ or if you have a store that would love to carry our Clothing Line. We can also help with fundraising plans or display our merchandise at your Church or Community events. Contact me at: GodBlessThankYou@Gmail.com

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– Otieno

Give your all to God

 As I boarded the Flight to Los Angeles This past Friday, I said my prayers as I usually tend to do and was on my way. I had a carry on bag full of TY&GB Clothing as I was ready to Hit the road running. We have a Family business that had a booth at the LA County Fair this past year so I decided to take my brand new shirts out there to spread the message. My first customers as I arrived were my Mother and Aunt. (I Love her, She has supported me in all my endeavors) I got a lot of great responses from people just noticing that I had the “God Bless” Shirt on and It made everyone that Said something about it seem to smile and greet me with Joy.

On Sunday they had a Youth dance and praise Ministry perform and completely helped minister to me. They were wonderful.  A group from the Mountain View Faith Community Church (www.MFCC.tv) The spirit of containment tried setting in with doubts of whether to approach this crowd about my shirts. I remembered a Sermon that my Pastor preached during Last Weeks Bible Study on how the Devil tries to use this spirit on us to keep us from stepping out on what God has told us to do. So I waited a little longer (I Know, God wants us to MOVE NOW) but prayed for the Spirit to move me from being shy about Letting others know about God. So I kept hearing my Pastors Voice about (If only Christians would be BOLD enough to speak on Christ as they do everything else….) So I decided to approach a Member. His name was Jay I believe. We spoke for a little bit and I told him exactly what was put in my heart and about the T-Shirt Line. The brother was Kind and Loving, Bought a Shirt from me and asked to pray with me right there at the booth. I’ve been praying in church for awhile now and no longer did I feel “weird” about prayer in the midst of “everyone else” as I used to feel when I was growing up as a teenager.

I ended up meeting with their Youth Pastor and he also gave me some Great words of encouragement and some pointers on how to keep the journey going. He spoke pretty much what my Pastor has been saying to me for the past year and a half on always Praying. It was refreshing to see other young Christian Men out and about fired up for Christ that it completely made my whole trip. I will continue Walking out on Faith and spreading God’s message because he knows what’s in my Heart.


Mark 8:34-38

Amplified Bible (AMP)

34And Jesus called [to
Him] the throng with His disciples and said to them, If anyone intends
to come after Me, let him deny himself [forget, ignore, disown, and [a]lose sight of himself and his own interests] and take up his cross, and [[b]joining Me as a disciple and siding with My party] follow [c]with Me [continually, cleaving steadfastly to Me].

    35For whoever wants to save his [[d]higher, spiritual, eternal] life, will lose it [the [e]lower, natural, temporal life [f]which
is lived only on earth]; and whoever gives up his life [which is lived
only on earth] for My sake and the Gospel’s will save it [his [g]higher, spiritual life [h]in the eternal kingdom of God].

    36For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life [[i]in the eternal kingdom of God]?

    37For what can a man give as an exchange ([j]a compensation, a ransom, in return) for his [blessed] life [[k]in the eternal kingdom of God]?

    38For whoever [l]is
ashamed [here and now] of Me and My words in this adulterous
(unfaithful) and [preeminently] sinful generation, of him will the Son
of Man also be ashamed when He comes in the glory (splendor and majesty)
of His Father with the holy angels.

– Otieno