WE are who WE Have been waiting for.

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I remember growing up as a young ministers son going to church every weekend. Most of the Times I would find a way to fall asleep on my mothers lap. Soon enough I was too old for that and I would find myself volunteering to help with the Children’s ministry to keep from listening to the whole service.

After a while, I became too old for that and nowwwww I had to be able to sit in and listen to a whole sermon from the preacher. I was teenager and none of my other friends ever had to go to church, let alone have their parents sometimes preach a sermon.

The 1st time a minister prophesied over my calling to lead many to Christ, I was 16 years old. I was finally getting the hang of being accepted amongst my American friends in school because of my athletic abilities. I was not too concerned about “leading my friends” to Christ. I mean, they had just now started to forget about making fun of me for being an “African booty scratcher” (kids in Seattle were mean).

I remember always looking at the ministers and thinking why some would think I could do what they said I would do. I mean, I wanted to let God use me in whichever way he could but I always thought to myself that it was more of something I might get along to doing in my 50’s.

As I transitioned through my life, there was always a minister speaking this “vision from the Lord” over me. It became overwhelming. Eventually I chose to stop going to church my sophomore year in college once I moved to ASU. Life moved on, I Started living on my own, no parents or church to tell me what to do. I Started partying, and partying and partying.. you get the picture 🙂

But then all that stopped. I wanted more, I already knew what was right. As I Started my walk towards Christianity again as an adult, I saw the little kid in me still looking at it as God will use me when I’m 50+ years old. Until one day I heard a sermon from my pastor. He said that, we need to stop thinking that someone else is going to come along and change our lives for us and others. God has given US the powers to go out and make a change in others lives as of TODAY. We ARE who we’ve been waiting on this whole time.

Wow…… When I received that word, this song made more sense to me. “If we gotta start somewhere, why not HERE. if we gotta start sometime why not NOW” We are equipped to be that change agent for our brothers and sisters. Today, in fact right after you read this, do what I did. Whenever I felt the spirit calling me to step into that Man of God I was called to be as a child, I would start humming this songs tune. It would remind me that I Am who I’ve been.waiting for this whole time and I’m definitely nowhere near 50 years old 🙂

Take a step out of your comfort zone and Do exactly what God has told you to do. Find that peace that’s inside of you and go become a Blessing to someone who needs to meet God TODAY.

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[Always Walk In Love]



My Name is Otieno. I was Born in Kisumu Kenya. At a very early age, I witnessed poverty & hardship growing up in Kisumu.
Living in a “third world country” doesn’t afford you quite the same
luxuries of a typical American childhood. From sad memories of living in
a village with no running water & electricity to the better ones
like my 1st Christmas being enjoyed just Eating Cake & Drinking
Orange Fanta (my favorite) with my Mom & Dad. In 1988 by the grace
of God, my family was sponsored to come live in America with our father
through donations collected by a church in Seattle Washington.  I was 8
years old when I told my cousins that I will see them again..
That was the last time i ever saw Kenya and my extended family. 

My story is a long
journey of Faith, Trials and Tribulation, Party, Party, Party, Loss,
Depression, Redemption and a Return back to Christ. Ty & GB Clothing
was a vision I was given to start a Positive Christian based T-shirt
& Website to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At first I was
scared; Very Scared. Growing up as a Ministers son in Seattle was tough
for me as a youth. So the first chance I got to leave the watchful eyes
of the church, I took it and left to study Computer Engineering at
Arizona State University. This is just a Quick Glimpse of my story that I
was given to testify so that others who are going through what I went
through may be able to follow the path which leads back to Christ &
God’s Kingdom. As you read this, I want you to know that I am taking my
steps out on faith and not letting excuses stop me from doing what I am
able to do. So Keep coming back to the Website as I write my story and
continue to Walk in Love.

– More to Come

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– Otieno