I’m Still Winning, Even When It Doesn’t Look Like It – Car on Fire

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5 years ago back in 2007 I had finally hit semi-Rock Bottom.  Professionally and Private. My Car was being repossessed, My Apartment I was living in Kicked me out,  My Club Parties were getting Cut-throat and my girlfriend at that time had just cheated on me with a guy who used to come to my parties. EVERYTHING WAS ALLLLLL BAD. I just didn’t know what to do next. I had many thoughts of “Going out in a blaze”. I wanted to Smash the Dude every time i saw him. I wanted to beat up the other promoters messing with my money. Basically i wanted to do a lot of Negative things I knew would not be beneficial for me in the long run.

I Prayed about it then and decided to pack it all up and move back to Seattle just to get some air to breathe before I found myself LOCKED UP for doing something stupid because the Devil was trying his best to get me out of my Destiny. I let the Apartment Go; I let the Car get repossessed, I let the Girlfriend Go and the Clubs. I spent 6 months in Seattle working at a temp agency making $7.50 an hour while sleeping on my Uncles couch. I was LOW. The Devil kept trying to get me to give up. I remember one night sitting and praying to God to help me turn my life around. I prayed for strength to overcome the feelings of worthlessness I was enduring.

I made a deal with God. I know, we all tend to do that; but this time I was serious to take a step towards the Life that was planned for me. I was through with just living life partying without a care. Those months in Seattle were humbling to me and gave me a chance to just spend time with God. God was speaking to me during my mornings of going to a temp agency wrapping up boxes in a factory somewhere. It was just Me & Him. God told me to let it all Go, the partying, the drinking, the women and just concentrate on my FAMILY.


I decided to listen. My first 3 months check I received from the temp Agency I took and gave to my Mother for her African Fabrics & Baskets business and told her that I wanted to be a better Son to her. God had told me to Invest in her business and Travel with her to sell her merchandise. When my 6months in Seattle was up, I decided to move back to Phoenix and forgave all the people who I was having issues with. I kept on working with my mother traveling and just doing what the Spirit had told me to do. My brother got involved in the business and we started re-building our family business from the ground up.

When I moved back to Phoenix I kept my deal with God. I picked up a Second Job and tried staying away from the partying and drinking but that was kind of hard for me to do at that time. (God was still working on me) I remember walking everyday to the bus stop just to get to work. The devil kept on putting it in my head that what I was doing was WHACK.. I just needed to get some more parties Cracking, Get my money up, link up with the old Homey’s and make some quick Cash.. But God kept telling me to Humble myself. Wake up, Walk to the Bus Stop, Don’t worry about who see’s you at your low point.


I ended up working many hours and my Mother saw my struggles between my Job & helping her with her shows. She told me that God told her to send me to Houston to sell her Baskets for her. I ended up going and made lot’s of Money that weekend alone selling Baskets and Fabrics for www.MaendeleoImports.com. When I returned, She told me that God had put it in her heart to Let me KEEP all the Money from that weekend to help me buy a Car because I was faithful to his word. I was ecstatic and thanked God for knowing the needs of my heart.

I spent my hard earned NON-CLUB MONEY to buy this 1996 Acura TL all CASH. God took care of me with a Vehicle to use for the past 3 1/2 Years and showed me how to Humble myself and how to slowly let go of Worldly things and seek a relationship with him.


Today, while driving to work for my 1st Day of Work, the Devil tried killing my Joy again. My car caught on Fire on the Freeway. Not once did I freak out or cry about my Loss. All I could do as the car was burning in front of me was to Thank God for Keeping me alive to stop it before it engulfed. I Thanked God for Sending the Stranger in a Truck to Try and help me with his Fire Extinguisher and remove my stuff from inside the car once we couldn’t open the hood. I Thanked God for The Group of Firemen who was on their way to a Training Session at the same time my car started burning up and they stopped in time to put the fire out because we never even had time to call 911. I was thanking God for being able to Call my Wife to come get me on the side of the Road after it happened and I was especially Thankful to God for Letting me be able to be Alive to see her and my Future Child growing in her belly.

When there are things that comes our way that tries to bring us down, Be thankful for the things that can uplift you. I survived today because I was filled up in Prayers from last night when I prayed for every family to be safe in the Church and for others because God brought His Angles in full force to make sure that I was a part of that Safe Family today and I made it home safe.


As far as the car goes, it’s a Gonner.. But I do know how to humble myself, Work hard & in due time, God already has a BETTER CAR for me and my Family that I will be able to drive my Child Safely in when he/she is born. I’m not even worried about it, because if I have to take a Bus at times to be able to provide for my family, I will; If you happen to see me, feel free to stop by and pick a brother up 🙂

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– Otieno

I’m Praying For YOU

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When I first started learning about Intercessory Prayers I didn’t know much about it. All I remember as a child was going to church with my parents and seeing a bunch of Christians just “Yelling, screaming, crying” etc. I usually took this opportunity to find my other friends who’s parents had brought them to church also and go play with them in the Children’s Service. Hours would go by, whether it was at the church or at a local brother or sister of the church’s house and then we’d head home.

I often wondered sometimes as life’s crazy twists and turns would happen as i continued to grow, why i’d be around all the bad stuff and nothing ever happened to me. (Veering from hitting a COUCH in the middle of a Freeway which injured others, Escaping Gun Shots at Parties, Always finding out about something Tragic happening after I left the location 30mins prior) But as I got back into the church & Started learning more, I realized the POWER OF PRAYER.

Intercessory Prayer is when you Pray for others. We usually tend to only pray for US even as kids growing up. My prayers always consisted of ME, MINE, MY, I Want, yadi, yada.. you know what I mean. But in interceding for others, we are praying on their behalf. God says that when we pray for others, and genuinely care for the Next Man, we are learning to be able to be a servant. We are then able to put away our selfish needs and wants and just become better followers of Christ. His 1st commandment was that we Love our Neighbors as we Love ourselves.

I started off my intercessory prayers by just looking around the church. I started praying that the members would have peace inside their households, Their Children would not see any harm come their way, Single Mothers with children will not stress about bills or food for their kids, Members who walked to church would be blessed to find jobs to help them save for a car, etc.. I started learning to pray for what might seem simple but could be a big struggle for my brother or sister next to me. I’ve been in situations where i was in most of those situations before being born again and I stressed about those issues so much that I don’t even remember how I overcame them.

That’s when it finally hit me.  All those times growing up when i’d make it out of crazy situations and nothing bad ever happened to me was because of my Parents and the other church members Intercessory Prayers for us. I never understood why I always barely missed trouble, Angels were answering the prayers of others who were genuinely praying for us as children that no harm would come our way. When you intercede for others, you care about the next man’s well being; God will send his angles to take care of them and in the same time come take care of you also. I went from praying about my want’s and needs to now praying for others first. God knows all the wants and cares of my heart and since i’ve cast all my burdens on the Lord, i’m able to pray for You, You, You, You annnnddd YOU that all will go well for you this week. The Job you’ve been waiting to hear back from will call you. The Questions you’ve been wanting answered will be. The issues you had last week will not matter this week. Your Rent will be paid on time, Your Kids will not go through the same issues you went through In the Name of Jesus… Amen

Take time to pray daily for others and watch what it does for you. I’m still practicing it daily. Pray for me as well.


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– Otieno